Meet the CEO & Founder


After serving in the U.S. Air Force for several years, I returned home in 2015. Like many veterans returning to civilian life, I suffered from mental, emotional, and physical pain. Traditional medicine, while available, only served as a bandaid for the many issues I described to my doctor. After I mentioned my symptoms of chronic pain, difficulty sleeping, and anxiety to a close friend of mine, she introduced me to CBD. I was reluctant, at first, not knowing much about CBD (cannabidiol) the second most prevalent ingredient in cannabis, or its effects. Like many, I thought it worked similar to THC (weed/marijuana). After some research, and several first-hand accounts, I learned that CBD was legal, had no addictive properties, no indications of public health problems, and did not induce any psychological effects.

After years of using CBD products, I decided to invest in myself and develop my own brand catering to an audience that often gets overlooked (Veterans and the Black community) and reduce the stigma, through education, of the use of the hemp leaf, THC, and CBD.

I want to thank you and your future business. Without valued clients like yourself, we could not grow. We appreciate you!


Jon Modeste, CEO & Founder